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​Model 783 
Caliber: .243 - 30-06 - 22-250 - .270
Bid-N-Buy Realty & Auctions, Inc. Firearms
Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer * NYS Licensed Pistol Dealer
Variety of 10-22
Snake Camo - Wood Grain - Desert Camo
Axis XP 
Caliber: .308 - .243 - 30-06 - .223
Wanted! Large or small collections of guns from estates and individuals for our upcoming auctions!
Visit our February online auction to view dozens of long guns, pistols, ammunition and archery items!
Website & Facebook only special!
​We can order your next firearm at wholesale pricing!  Free background checks for purchases made at our store!

Shipping transfers accepted for pistols, long guns and ammunition! Fee includes Nics check and BOR filing.

Long Gun- $20.00+Tax 
Ammunition $10+Tax                               Pricing starts January 1st, 2016!
For information Call or Text: Mark Whalen 585-233-2637     Email bidnbuyny@yahoo.com